Zig Zag/Cat aEye Magnet


Easy to use:
Simply place the magnet on your fingernail to create a 3D effect.

Remember to use the magnet on wet polish to make color-shifting 3D designs.

Use the magnetic nail polish to apply the first coat to each of your nails.
Use the magnet immediately on each nail before painting the others. Simply hover over the nail and do not touch the magnet to the surface of the nail at all.
Keep both the finger of your painted nail and the hand holding the magnet as still as possible for this process. You will see that the magnet creates a pattern in the polish color, due to the iron shavings in the polish moving in the presence of a magnetic field.

The magnetic polish may take longer to dry than other nail polish, as you used a thicker second coat than you might normally. Wait twice as long as you would normally to apply a topcoat.